Day 135 ~ Thick as Thieves

This Mama has called in for a huge favor in the form of a whole  48 hours with no little people around at the end of the month.   I will be taking a glorious two days and traveling back to the thriving metropolis of Lincoln, NE to see what is sure to be the concert of the year.

I probably would have given away a Kidney to have to whole weekend to myself but luckily I didn’t have to do that and only had to take in these three crazy extra girls for a night or two….piece of cake!


Day 130 ~ Summer is in full swing

Yesterday I somehow stepped into the role of team photographer.  I think when you constantly carry around a pretty decent camera and sort of look like you know what you are doing you get nominated for such things and I would have to admit it’s a pretty good day when I get to combine three of my passions, Olivia, baseball and photography.

 This year Y-ball next year the Colorado Rockies….

Day 129 ~ She’s Alive

With almost two weeks with no word from our number one I finally heard from her yesterday in Panama.  I got a quick call around lunch time and then there were some pictures posted on FB.  Oksanna is doing great.  They have spent the last week and half on an a little island off of the mainland doing ministry and VBS for the kids and meeting all kinds of new people.  Today they are back in Panama City and headed off to the jungle to visit some other villages.   Per Oksanna, she is having an amazing time and is loving the work she is doing and she wanted to give Dad her dad a shout out too and tell everyone she misses them.

Day 127 ~ Still cooling off…

Nothing beats having ice-cold water randomly shooting  up at you on a 100 degree day!

Day 124 ~ O+B

Oksanna’s been in Panama for about a week and a half now and apparently we are not the only ones missing her.  This little message was left on our driveway last night.   I have my suspicions of who left it but I am not naming names…. 😉

Day 121 ~ Drat

Note to self:  I should really listen to the little beeping light that reads “low tire pressure” instead of turning up the radio to drown it out….

This one of those little things that Chris would have taken care off because blinking beeping lights typically throws Chris into action.  Me, I am just thinking and hoping it’s a faulty wire somewhere.  Yeah, it wasn’t this time and we had to hobble into Firestone and then walk about a mile home.

Needless to say the girls were less than pleased with me, and the walk home in the 90 degree heat and 40 mph winds.   I had to do some fancy mom talking before there was total mutiny in the house so we had popsicles for a lunch a spent the afternoon at the pool.

Day 120 ~ Big Big Hugs today!

Sending you lot’s of hugs today from half way across the world to the best dad the girls could ever ask for!!

We love you, Chris!

(P.S. This was shot the last time we saw Chris a couple of months ago)

Day 119 ~ Jicama

Are you looking for a fun and easy snack?  We found this little treat while visiting my Dad and his girlfriend Patricia.   Patricia is from Guadalajara, Mexico and she used to have this as an after school treat.  All you have to do is find a Jicama which was no easy task in Longmont.   Peel the skin off, slice the Jicama up and sprinkle with a little fresh lime juice and salt and you are good to go.

Day 117 ~ Random Acts of Kindness

I love that I have the kind of friends that will just randomly bring you a shot of Cupcake Frosting Vodka while at our kid’s baseball game!

Day 116 ~ Street Smart

Today Olivia our 8-year-old and I had the pleasure of going down to Denver to shoot together.  We had lunch, popsicle and I had a blast teaching her the fine art of Street Photography.  She used one of my older cameras and I basically told her she could shoot what ever she wanted and of course I made sure she wore tennis shoes, always a must in case there is an off-chance we had to take off running.   However, I did notice that when a child is standing there with a camera in your face that said subjects are much more receptive to it…go figure   LOL.

I am not going to lie it would be pretty cool if one of our girls loved the camera as much as I do.

Definitely one of her masterpieces…