Day 138 ~ Panama

I just scrolled through about 400 pictures on Facebook of Oksanna’s trip to Panama.  It looks like the group met some amazing people although very impoverished.   Judging by the pictures it looks like the kids feel in love with their group of about 20 kids.  Here are just a few I pulled of Oksanna…

Oksanna get’s home tomorrow. 🙂

Always true to her Nebraska roots! 


Day 137 ~ The 4th

A couple of days without internet does the soul good.  Today I am playing catch up so this will be kept short and sweet.

The little girls and I headed East to Scottsbluff, NE to celebrate the 4th with my grandparents.   It was a strange 4th to say the least.  Chris is in the middle of ocean somewhere protecting the freedoms we celebrate today and Oksanna is in Panama bringing joy to so many who do without daily.

I am so very proud of both of them and all that they are doing abroad.

As always I keep Marching Forward and try to keep life here at home as normal as possible so the little girls and I did some fireworks and partied it up with my  Grandparents and their Great Grandparents.

However, some of us may have had a little more fun then others….

Day 136 ~ Crop Report

Plant, water, love, water, more love, water = We Grow

We have been enjoying our lettuce and sugar peas almost every night…

The cucumbers and carrots should be ready in the next couple of weeks…

Day 135 ~ Thick as Thieves

This Mama has called in for a huge favor in the form of a whole  48 hours with no little people around at the end of the month.   I will be taking a glorious two days and traveling back to the thriving metropolis of Lincoln, NE to see what is sure to be the concert of the year.

I probably would have given away a Kidney to have to whole weekend to myself but luckily I didn’t have to do that and only had to take in these three crazy extra girls for a night or two….piece of cake!

Day 134 ~ With Oksanna also gone….

Olivia and I would like it to be known that although right now we are doing the majority of the house and yard cleaning (Olyse helps in her own special way)  when Oksanna and Chris return we will have no problem integrating them back into the “routine” and relinquish control of all or at least half of all household chores.

It’s going to be hard to give up because you know it’s like Christmas, my birthday and the Fourth of July every time we run of the vacuum, or scrub the toilets but we have come to the conclusion that everyone should take part in the fun and we are fully prepared to make it happen…

Day 132 ~ Positive Letter

We are 132 days in and I am still getting positive reviews….(huge sigh of relief)

With so many days where I feel like I am failing as a single parent it’s nice to receive a positive letter of affirmation.

Day 130 ~ Summer is in full swing

Yesterday I somehow stepped into the role of team photographer.  I think when you constantly carry around a pretty decent camera and sort of look like you know what you are doing you get nominated for such things and I would have to admit it’s a pretty good day when I get to combine three of my passions, Olivia, baseball and photography.

 This year Y-ball next year the Colorado Rockies….

Day 129 ~ She’s Alive

With almost two weeks with no word from our number one I finally heard from her yesterday in Panama.  I got a quick call around lunch time and then there were some pictures posted on FB.  Oksanna is doing great.  They have spent the last week and half on an a little island off of the mainland doing ministry and VBS for the kids and meeting all kinds of new people.  Today they are back in Panama City and headed off to the jungle to visit some other villages.   Per Oksanna, she is having an amazing time and is loving the work she is doing and she wanted to give Dad her dad a shout out too and tell everyone she misses them.

Day 128 ~ Sunday Snuggles

Keeping busy is the name of the game this summer.  Keeping busy means time goes a little faster thus meaning less time to worry about dad being gone.   I think we ran so much last week that it all finally caught up with little miss thing… (some days even princess’ need a nap)