Day 138 ~ Panama

I just scrolled through about 400 pictures on Facebook of Oksanna’s trip to Panama.  It looks like the group met some amazing people although very impoverished.   Judging by the pictures it looks like the kids feel in love with their group of about 20 kids.  Here are just a few I pulled of Oksanna…

Oksanna get’s home tomorrow. 🙂

Always true to her Nebraska roots! 


Day 135 ~ Thick as Thieves

This Mama has called in for a huge favor in the form of a whole  48 hours with no little people around at the end of the month.   I will be taking a glorious two days and traveling back to the thriving metropolis of Lincoln, NE to see what is sure to be the concert of the year.

I probably would have given away a Kidney to have to whole weekend to myself but luckily I didn’t have to do that and only had to take in these three crazy extra girls for a night or two….piece of cake!

Day 131 ~

 Heading a new direction, both personally and professionally over the past few months has been quite the test! Overall, the family is doing well and I think that we’re maintaining a passing grade: Chris and I continue to operate as a unit, even from afar, and the girls have settled relatively well into our ‘new normal’. From a personal perspective it’s required a great deal of determination, friends, treats of various definitions – and the occasional chainsaw.  Add in the patience I’ve had to summon from the professional perspective, and it must qualify me for some kind of sainthood!

Although I am excited about changing my focus to fine art photography, working on my new website has required more time and effort then I ever imagined!  People in the know tell me that this is not unusual but the optimist in me thought I would have it up and running long before now. Fortunately I have not been traveling alone on this long, and very winding road: Chris, for his part, continues to be my biggest supporter and I most certainly could not have done this if it weren’t for his willingness to support me heading this direction in the first place, his incredible faith in me, and well, his persistent questioning as to when I would have it up and running! (Motivation comes in all forms!). 

I’ve also had a tremendous amount of help from my good friend and personal marketing guru, Sue Linroth! Sue has been there from the day one, with a calming voice amid the chaos and a business mindset that I had not previously had a chance to appreciate. She was my constant business companion, making sure that we got through the seemingly endless list of to-dos, and that we kept moving forward! 

The journey, although long, has been a good one and I’m pleased to announce that Jennifer Mecca Photography officially has a new home! I think that you’ll find that each photo in my collection, not unlike this blog, has a story to tell, when one takes a moment to stop and listen. Stories of people, of places and things, of natural beauty and the beauty of nature. Stories of the unhurried, unscheduled, time spent and days gone by. Stories you will only hear at  Please take a moment to look and listen and let me know what you think.

Day 129 ~ She’s Alive

With almost two weeks with no word from our number one I finally heard from her yesterday in Panama.  I got a quick call around lunch time and then there were some pictures posted on FB.  Oksanna is doing great.  They have spent the last week and half on an a little island off of the mainland doing ministry and VBS for the kids and meeting all kinds of new people.  Today they are back in Panama City and headed off to the jungle to visit some other villages.   Per Oksanna, she is having an amazing time and is loving the work she is doing and she wanted to give Dad her dad a shout out too and tell everyone she misses them.

Day 127 ~ Still cooling off…

Nothing beats having ice-cold water randomly shooting  up at you on a 100 degree day!

Day 126 ~ 100 + = Paradise

I will never complain about it being hot but

you will find us here for the next few days as we cycle through a little heat wave 🙂

Day 125 ~ Is anybody else missing Oksanna on the blog?

Oksanna’s been in Panama for 12 days now and I miss her on the blog so here is one of her right before she got on the plane.

She is an amazing kid and Panama is so blessed to have her!

Day 124 ~ O+B

Oksanna’s been in Panama for about a week and a half now and apparently we are not the only ones missing her.  This little message was left on our driveway last night.   I have my suspicions of who left it but I am not naming names…. 😉

Day 122 ~ Swim Camp this Week

Our fearless fish is finally getting her first swim lesson.

Hopefully at some point her body and brain will be in sink.  Here brain thinks she can swim but her body doesn’t always execute the motion.