Day 207 ~ Honey Do…

In February I was running on pure adrenaline and took on the responsibility of keeping things running smoothly and without a hitch.  Not so much any more.    It has become abundantly clear that there are things that are just not going to get done.   I have become like the kid in the last month of school before summer break “not a whole lot shit is getting done and I don’t give a rats ass”.   With Chris coming home in less than six weeks I have basically thrown my hands up in the air and have succumb to pure exhaustion.

Things that are not going to get done as planned.

1.  There is a big old pile of leaves sitting in our yard and I can not express enough how much I am praying for a big wind to descend upon us.

2.  One detached curtain rod that has been balancing on the center clasp for 6 month.  Which is no easy task with one curious four-year old.

2.  I had the most unfortunate run in with a curb and the  front bumper of my Mustang…..ugh.

3.  Christmas lights this year are a no go.

4.  And all the light bulbs I changed as the beginning of the year need changing again.

5.  The garage door quit working about a month ago (yes I tried changing the batteries…duh)

6.  The ice machine and water dispensers quite working in the fridge so long ago I can’t remember when.

7.  And the girls had one unfortunate accident with one bedroom closet door which is now leaning against the wall.  I didn’t bother to ask  what happened  since everyone was OK…

I am sure there are other things that need a fixin’ but they have escaped me now.    I love you babe and I can’t wait for you to come home and not just so you can fix stuff either but fixing stuff will be very cool….


Day 197 ~ We will always have ghosts

I love Halloween.  Probably because I have spent most of my life living a bit on the dark side and Halloween fits nicely into that way of life.  I love gore, bloods, guts and the craziness that goes along with this holiday.  It’s like this holiday was made just for me.   One of my earliest memories was of my mom and her crazy little sheet ghosts that she would hang from our trees every Halloween to “scare us”.    I think she may have inherited them from my grandparents I am not sure.   Anyway after she passed away we hung on to those ghosts when we moved back to Lincoln with my dad and we still continued to hang them up every year at least while my brother and I were still little.

I can’t remember what my mom sounds like, or what her favorite color was or even her favorite drink but by god I do remember her hanging ghosts in our trees every Halloween.   So every year as a little tribute to my own mom I will continue the tradition of  our crazy little sheet ghosts for our own girls.

Day 195 ~ First broken board

Today Olivia had her second belt test for Karate to move up from a high white to the yellow belt and I blew it big time as a mom and photographer.    Her test was at 10am and I just couldn’t pull it together to remember to bring my camera.  I know it’s hard to believe I am not super mom, but I am not and today was probably one of my lowest of days.    Along with  my usual mom and photographer duties I complete each week this week also included  a  field trip, two school conferences, one dentist and one doctor appointment and one very important karate belt test which left me little time to breath.  And let me be clear it’s not that any of these activities are hard it’s just when there is only one person trying to fullfill  all of these obligations  it’s can all but become very overwhelming some weeks.

Of course because I forgot my camera Olivia broke her very first board at this test.  But luckily we have the broken board and therefore we can react the whole awesome move.  Picture splinters breaking off everywhere and the determination on Olivia’s face…

Thank you to our friend Lori who came prepared with her fancy camera we have one excellent shot of Olivia breaking her first board…

Day 194 ~ The Roar from the Sea of Red

I am sure anyone who follows this little blog knows that I LOVE Nebraska football.  I mean really growing up in Lincoln and graduating from UNL many moons ago I am sure had a little something to do with it.   This year I was blessed enough to be able to take our eight year old to her first game (thank you, Deb!).  You know you have a good friend when they take pity on you and offer up a Nebraska football ticket for a weekend getaway.

We picked the Wisconsin game in Lincoln because after the beating we took from them  last year I wanted to see a little redemption.  And OMG we could have not asked for a better game to be at.  We had jets fly over, we got to see the second best comeback in Nebraska history (I get chills just thinking about it) and we got to be part of the famous Nebraska roar with  85 thousand of our closest friends.  Until you have been to a game I can’t explain how loud that roar is.

About half way through the game I got an email on my phone from Chris telling me he was getting the game via Satellite.  So we kind of got to watch the game together.  I asked him if he saw Olivia and I.  Of course he did because we were the ones in red (haha that joke never gets old).

In Summary, this may end up being the best game of the year and  I got to enjoy it with two of my best friends and my favorite eight year old!

This is what 85 thousand people in red look like…

Day 193 ~ Lost Weekend part 1…Dwight!

Let me set the stage I have one friend Deb who probably loves concerts as much as I do although she grew up on the Elvis side of music and I on the Beatles side we have over the last 5 years  been able to come to the meeting of the minds and find shows together that feed both of our addictions.

Ok never in a million years would I have thought I would have ended up at a Dwight Yoakam concert but Deb is pretty persuasive and she promised me there would be beer and I could wear my cowboy boots….I am such an easy sell.     Again I tip my hat because without Deb I never would have been at Stir Cove in Council Bluffs enjoying a concert I never would have attended had I not known her.     Next year I will get her to a Luke Bryan concert….   🙂